Class: II Rate
Channels Blocked: Beta -> If and Ca++
Use: Afib, Aflutter
Toxicity: Cardiac depression, bronchospasm (N- Z)

Other Antiarrhythmic Drugs:

DrugsClassChannels Blocked
AmiodaroneIA RhythmNa+ and K+ (intermediate)
ProcainamideIA RhythmNa+ and K+ (intermediate)
QuinidineIA RhythmNa+ and K+ (intermediate)
LidocaineIB RhythmNa+ (Fast)
FlecainideIC RhythmNa+ (Slow)
PropanololII RateBeta -> If and Ca++
EsmololII RateBeta -> If and Ca++
SotalolII RateBeta -> If and Ca++
Amiodarone III RhythmK+
Sotalol III RhythmK+
IbutilideIII RhythmK+
VerapamilIV RateCa++
DiltiazemIV RateCa++