Class: Cholinergic (muscarinic receptor) antagonists
Mode of Action: Competitive binding to ACh receptor
Pharacokinetics: Duration of action: hours to days (long-lived covalent intermediate)
Organ Effects: 

Eye: mydriasis and blurred vision
CV: ↑HR, Pulm: Bronchodilation
GI: ↓motility and ↓acid
Bladder: ↓urine
Glands: ↓
CNS: low = sedation; high = delirium

Clinical Uses: Parkinson’s
Toxicities Mnemonic: 

Blind as a bat
Red as a beet
Mad as a hatter
Dry as a bone
Hot as a pistol
Bloated as a bladder

Drug NameClass
AtropineCholinergic (muscarinic receptor) antagonists
ScopolamineCholinergic (muscarinic receptor) antagonists
IpratropiumCholinergic (muscarinic receptor) antagonists
OxybutyninCholinergic (muscarinic receptor) antagonists
BenztropineCholinergic (muscarinic receptor) antagonists